Let’s Start Over

Hello Sweet peas!

I am back and more inspired than ever to begin writing and blogging again.

Unlike my previous blog, this will be catered to more than just fashion and my clothes.

First I am going to talk about the changes I have made lately.

Since late last year I have begun to really get more active again. I danced for years but because of that and getting older my weak knees needed some major strengthening. I mistakenly thought that working out would make them worse, but my doctor corrected me.

By strengthening my legs, thighs, gluteus and core, my body would rely less on my knees and therefore stop the aching and chronic pain.

It has now been over 3 months of me consistently working out and not only is my booty looking better than ever, I have not had a single day of bad knee pain…WIN-WIN!

So now you know bunbuns, weak knees/joints are not an excuse to not work out. Sometimes it means having to do just that. Always speak to your doctor before beginning if you have severe or chronic joint pain and go at your own rhythm. Listen to your body and slowly begin to build up on your routine.

Stay tuned for more *




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