Weekend Update

This weekend was quite eventful to say the least but not as adventurous as I would have liked. I did get much inspiration on where I’d like to travel next but job searching has been more overwhelming then I ever thought it would be. I thought having intern experience would really help get a job much easier and unfortunately that hasn’t been the case- annoyed that college professors told me otherwise- I know I need to be patient but it is frustrating.

Anyway, Rachel and I had ice cream at Vitaly where I had one lick and my ice cream fell! It was hilarious and luckily they were nice enough to give me 2 new scoops which I am so grateful for because it was delicious! I also met the cutest Frenchie bulldog and then later that evening my car battery died. It was just one of those good days where unexpected things happen but there’s no point to be upset. C’est la vie

Also – cannot believe it’s already May! Time is flying by too quickly. Wishing all of you a great week. Hope this month is full of inspiration and adventures



Reformation top
Levi’s jacket
Free People jeans

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