Tender, Love & Care


Growing up in Southern California I have been so fortunate to have always lived near the Beach. Before I could drive my friends and I would take a bus to the beach during the summer even if it took 3 times as long as driving. As I have gotten older and ever since I began to drive, the beach became more than just a place my friends and I enjoyed going to for fun.

My beach companion has been my mermaid friend, Rachel. She lived in Hawaii so if anyone knows the wonders of the ocean it is definitely her. Any chance we can go, we do and we explore the hidden beaches of Laguna Beach. It’s always a great adventure and a good time for us to catch up at our favorite place.

Often, however, I enjoy going alone. Laguna Beach is amazing in that there are many hidden private beaches. They are usually empty or have a small handful of people which makes it the perfect place to relax and empty my mind.

I may not have the woods near me as Henry David Thoreau did nor am I completely away from society, but I do take these moments to shut off my phone and disconnect from the world and really focus on my thoughts. Being at an empty beach with just the music of crashing waves I feel at peace and I realize how little I truly need to be genuinely content. I honor this time to breathe and take in positivity and let go of my doubts and worries. Practicing yoga has really taught me the importance of this practice. It is so easy to worry about what happened or what will happen that we often forget to live in the present. For me, being beside the ocean is what helps me focus on what is important in that moment and reminds me to stay grounded.





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