Step 01

So where does one start to eat healthier?
First, you must be willing to. I mean really willing to because you will give up some foods your brain has been wired to enjoy – like sugar – and in giving it up, you will crave it and it won’t be easy. BUT IT IS POSSIBLE. It’s been months and I still sometimes struggle and that is okay, just keep trying.
I unfortunately get sick pretty often and it gets very frustrating so I embarked on a journey to find out how I can make sure to keep healthy in the most natural way.

Step One: Cut artificial sugar out as much as possible.

I first came to the idea after reading an article on a woman, Eva O. Schaub, who cut sugar from her home for an entire year. When she mentioned that the year prior her daughter had missed 10-15 days of school from being sick and only 2-3 the year of no sugar I had my eureka!

I knew cutting sugar would not make me 100% healthier, but after continuing to read different articles on sugar they all came to the same answer that sugar is not good for us. Some articles even made the comparison of sugar being like, if not worse, than drugs.

Now I find myself reading the ingredients to everything I purchase. Sadly, even bread (which I love) has artificial sugar. But I am more conscious about how much I consume. The bread I purchase, for example, says it has 1g of sugar per serving. Throughout the day I either write down or mentally note what I’ve eaten and try to not go past 10g a day.

So why is sugar so bad for us? Mostly because it is something very foreign to our bodies. When we consume artificial sugar our bodies will break it down until it becomes a super tiny sugar molecule which then gets stored in the small lining of our intestine and then once it becomes a monosaccharide it is absorbed through our intestine and into our blood as glucose. This is what causes that hyper feeling and then crash. The huge difference between eating a piece of candy in comparison to a sweet fruit is that fruit contains fiber and fiber helps slow down the digestive process and therefore our bodies know how to break down this natural sugar without giving us a terrible crash.

If ever in doubt I cannot stress enough how important it is to read labels. If a product has 3g of sugar but 6g of fiber, then this would be an okay snack because the fiber will help our bodies figure out what to do with it. But honestly this gets tiring and I’ve learned to just stick to fruits and veggies as snacks. No trying to figure out labels and 100% good for you!

I really hope this is somewhat helpful! I know it may seem like a lot of work at first and it can be confusing but I promise it gets easier and once you start feeling better it’ll push you to keep going. This is all about you and improving your lifestyle. We only get one body, so it’s important to take care of it and feed it the best we can.



3 thoughts on “Step 01”

  1. I’ve been on a health journey for a year or two now, and one of my biggest priorities is always to cut refined, unnatural sugars (and other refined, white carbs like starch and white flour etc). I’m prone to low-blood sugar, and it’s amazing how avoiding sugar keeps my energy and mood stable. Sugar crash sucks.


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