September Update

I meant to do a “Weekly Update” as a way for you all to get to know me a bit better. But I honestly think I will just do monthly ones 🙂

I went to Lake Tahoe for the first time with Rachel and Savannah the first weekend of the month and it was absolutely beautiful. The water was crystal clear -freezing- but breathtaking. The month ended with Rachel, Savannah and I going to Sequoia National Park (also my first time visiting). Seeing the giant trees in beautiful shades of green, red and yellow leaves was such a perfect way to welcome autumn – even if it has still been extremely hot in Southern California. This week we are still hitting high 80s ℉ (30s℃) so it was definitely very nice to be high up in the mountains taking in fresh crisp air. I also quit the job I absolutely hated. Life is way too short to be unhappy. I am now back at my old job and looking into freelance writing work as well as something in the educational system. As days go by I am thinking further into going back to school to study nutrition. I research so much of it on my own already it may be worth a shot!

Healthy changes this month: I started to drink Kombucha at least once a week and though I haven’t noticed a huge change yet, I know it supports healthy immune function which is worth continuing to drink for me. It is a little difficult to drink at first but I found Kevita’s Master Brew Kombucha in Raspberry Lemon to be very yummy! I found it at my Target for about $3.

Healthy Goals for October: I just started meditating using the app Headspace so I will continue trying it out and letting you all know how it goes after I do the 10 day program.


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