Cows are Friends..

Thank you all for being so patient with me! I promise I will be writing more religiously going forward. I thought I would begin this first official 2017 post on one of the biggest changes I have made in the past couple months. I decided to give up all meats, except fish which I only have about twice a month….I love sushi too much.

Quite honestly it was not a very difficult thing to do. I was already not eating pork, chicken always made me sick and I only had turkey very seldom. My biggest challenge was beef.

It wasn’t until I began to switch all my makeup and beauty products to cruelty-free that I began to think more about deciding to stop eating meat. I did research after research and found that eating meat/not eating meat is still a very controversial topic. Some cites said eating less meat made us healthier whereas others argued we are omnivores and therefore should eat meat. This uncertainty is why I would never ever push the idea of giving up meat to anyone – this is me simply letting you all know about my personal choice.

As I said, it was not very difficult. I was actually already vegetarian during the holidays and my family was so sweet to make spinach, bell pepper and cheese tamales just for me which was pretty nice because otherwise I would have been stuck eating only chips and dip. For the most part my friends and family have been pretty supportive with the occasional, “so how long is this going to go on for?” and the “but what about…tacos?”

I really don’t know yet if this is something I will be doing for a lifetime, but for right now I don’t miss meat at all and I feel perfectly fine. I eat more vegetables than ever, drink protein to get a little extra on the days I know I didn’t get enough from my meals and I have a B12 supplement of 2500 micrograms every Friday.

I think with all dietary changes it is important to discuss with your doctor first. I do want to talk to you all about some of my specific reasons as to why I stopped eating meat as well as some of my new favorite recipes but wanted to give you all this intro as it has been probably my biggest change. If any of you have recently decided to go vegetarian or already have been for a while, please email me or comment below with any tips and your favorite foods 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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