Fruits & Veggies

Hello my sweets,

A question I get asked often is if eating meat-less has become more expensive. Let’s be honest- I am still a struggling college student so I am by no means shopping at solely Whole Foods. I am now living on my own as well so I have to be extra cautious about where my money goes.

Certain veggies and fruits can be found in bulk and can be more economical. If you do this be mindful over how much you’ll actually eat. If you know you won’t eat all of it before it goes bad – bag ’em up and freeze ’em for delicious green juices and smoothies later.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying fruits and veggies is what is in season.

Buying at local farmers markets is the best option if you have access to one near you. Not only will the produce be much fresher and in season, you’ll also be supporting small family farms and know exactly where your food is coming from.

Having a relationship with what we consume is extremely important. What we feed ourselves really is key to living a healthy happy life so be a little more mindful the next time you buy groceries and take a look at the “What’s in Season?” list provided by the USDA to see what fruits and veggies you should be buying.



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