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Women & Wellness at BellaBar

Hi friends!

I am so excited to share with you all some information I recently learned by going to the Women & Wellness night at BellaBar. If you haven’t heard of BellaBar let me first introduce them to you all! BellaBar is a new beauty salon in Orange County, but unlike all the others, they are passionate about being health conscious and all their products are natural, pure, safe, non-toxic, cruelty-free, & vegan! They also use a waterless way to do manis and pedis in order to help rid of the 15 gallons of water that are typically used – not only does this help our planet, it is also hygienically safer. At the moment they are giving 15% off your first service when you subscribe via email, so go check them out!

On Thursday they hosted an event with a few professionals to help educate and inspire us to live a healthier life.

Mother-daughter duo spoke about essential oils and how lavender, lemon, and peppermint are great for cleaning, to help our mood, and skin health. They also gave insightful information about how one of the causes of pre-mature aging is toxins that go into our bodies. They suggest stimulating the lymphatic system in order to aid the body to continuously rid of toxins. Surprisingly it can be quite easy – just jumping in place for a minute will get it flowing and may make a huge difference.

Michael Leyva, a functional health practitioner, was very informative in speaking about the dangers most of our every day products have. On average, he says, we intake about 518 chemicals daily – That’s insane! As most of you know if you’ve read my my previous posts, I use only cruelty-free products  but this really got me to want to start going further and converting to more natural, vegan products. I honestly haven’t read all the ingredients in my cruelty-free favorites, but I will start doing my research. Leyva described how when we consume foods, it goes through a process before going fully into our systems and usually our bodies know what to take in and what to dispose. Things we put directly on our skin, like moisturizers, lotions, and makeup our skin drinks it directly and there is no processing out the bad and that’s what makes it so harmful. People struggling to loose weight, one of the reasons is the amount of toxins being used. Toxins cause more fat tissue because it’s the body trying to protect you. He suggests to use natural products and to eat more clean and organic foods in order to help us. In his practice, he gets to the underlying cause of his patients conditions instead of masking them with medication. He does offer a one hour health evaluation if you’re interested visit www.blueprintwellnessinc.com  

After Levya, a Ruby Ribbon representative spoke about the harms our underwire bras may cause. As much as bras are meant to support us, the underwire isn’t only uncomfortable, it may be dangerous because of all the electromagnetic frequencies in our everyday lives. All diseases start with inflammation, and the wires make it so blood stops flowing properly in our breasts. I for one don’t wear bras as much as possible but for my ladies who need the support I would suggest to convert to bras that don’t have the underwire and check our Ruby Ribbon. My girl friend, Heather, tried one on after the talk and she loved it so much she bought one and now I feel like I must get one for my mom.

Lastly, Julie Lackie, a certified clinical thermographer, spoke about what she does. As a thermographer she can see inflammation, pain, and injuries, which helps in finding or seeing the pre-cursors of diseases. What’s great is that thermal imaging is completely painless, no blood is drawn, no compression, and no radiation. Doing this can reveal warning signs of illness disorders up to 10 years before other imaging or testing methods. Lackie emphasizes that prevention is the cure. If you’d like to find out more, visit www.thermalimagingofoc.com   

Overall the night was very insightful and super informative. I loved seeing a room full of people wanting to learn about how to live their best lives and ways to help become healthier. It can of course seem a little overwhelming at first, but even making small changes slowly will result in a big change.

Thank you so much Heather for inviting me and taking me with you! Thank you BellaBar for hosting this and thank you to all the speakers who came out to share your knowledge and passion.

PS. How cute are these BellaBar couches!





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