Nutritious Foods That Heal: Beauty Edition

Hi friends!

These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy with getting the hang of school again so I do apologize for my absence. My goal is to time manage school + work + life and still write on here a few times a month because I definitely miss it!

So of course with the stressfulness of school, I was breaking out and began to research how I could prevent it from happening (as much as possible) and I came across foods that help with blemishes, strong nails, eczema relief, and so many other things and I of course had to share it with all of you! Now, this is strictly only about things we can eat or add to our meals. With blemishes, for example, washing your face every night and applying certain oils are also super helpful as well as drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep – many of these issues include other things to help them further – If you want a complete detailed post about that or anything else, please email me or comment below and I’ll get to it 🙂 An important thing to keep in mind is that adding these will help you from the inside out, but it does take some time, so be patient and have fun adding these to your favorite meals or incorporating them as snacks. You’ll notice some of these foods help in more than one area, which is a bonus if you are trying to target more than one thing. I know there are supplements now for everything, but believe me, nothing is better than receiving nutrients from our foods. That’s what they’re there for, so enjoy them fully and allow them to nourish and heal you.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.40.22 AM


Thank you all so much for stopping by; I hope this is helpful. I decided to get a little creative and create these information bubbles, so if you hate them or love them, let me know!

Until next time,





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