Q3: July-September 2017

Hi friends!

So as most of you know, I am back to school so I can be a dietitian and so far I completely love it. It has been so much work but I am hoping I can time-manage it well enough to still write and share with you some of the things I am learning. For now, here is a look into what I’ve been up to 🙂 I will only share a main thing from each month so I don’t completely bore any of you.

July was mostly spent working; it’s of course one of the busiest times for us. I was able to have a beach day with my beautiful cousin, Denise, which was so nice and relaxing. As you can see from the pictures, it was a lovely day; however, it was so hot our feet were literally burning from the sand, which I had never experienced before. Nonetheless, we were grateful we got to spend some time together and I love the beach, so it was nice to spend time there and catch up with her.

August was definitely the highlight of my summer – but it did have a very sad moment as my cousin moved back to Vegas. Miss you so much, CD! The positive fun moments started with visiting my mom, little brother and stepdad for my mom’s birthday. Now that she lives further away I really appreciate time I get to go and see them. She wanted to go to Rosarito and we enjoyed our time with lots of delicious fruit!

And for probably the most exciting part of my summer – I traveled to Portland, Oregon for my first time to celebrate Kelvi’s birthday.

We decided to live the Portlandia life and stay in a Tiny House Airbnb and it was actually super comfortable and cute and in the perfect spot. Right by our tiny house there was a cute little dinner called Bertie Lou’s; it was so yummy we went twice! My most favorite part was that they had delicious vegetable patties. Portland in general was definitely a very vegetarian-friendly place to visit.

We also did do a small hike that was part of Forest Park, which we didn’t realize until after just how huge it was and we only did such a tiny portion of it. Next time we hope to explore more. It was so beautiful to just be in the middle of the forest surrounded by all these giant trees. I also fell completely in love with the Rose Garden they have and was so happy they were all still in full-bloom even during the heat wave. I would say, if you plan to go to Portland, maybe don’t do the Japanese Garden. It was beautiful but nothing extraordinary, especially for the $20 entrance ticket and especially when the Rose Garden is right across and totally free.

One of the places Kelvi really wanted to visit for his birthday was OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and we had a blast in there! Not only did they have a lot to see, they also had very hands-on cool science experiments and brainteasers that were perfectly suited for adults and children. What I was really impressed by is that they had real-life scientists in all the different areas working on their own research or experiments and ready to answer any questions. My favorite was watching a paleontologists who was carving out bones from a rock; super cool!

Portland was incredible all the way around – everything we did and explored and ate and drank was fantastic. Need to go back for sure!

Now as we reach the end of September, I have honestly just been working and going to school. Kelvi and I did finally have a day off together, though and we decided to visit the California Science Center to do the Body’s Exhibit – we are clearly fond of science museums. The Body’s exhibit is definitely something worth checking out! With a student ID it was a little less than $17/person but this also gave us entrance to the rest of the museum plus the Endeavor Space Shuttle, which was amazing! If you’re in the LA area, I  very much recommend it. At the end of the month, he also took me on a picnic with food he had cooked and prepared himself and asked me to be his sweetheart, so that was a sweet way to end the month. Now I know October, and the rest of the year will be busy- Is anyone else completely stunned that it’s nearly the end of 2017! Ah, madness!

I do have a few drafts on posts I am working on finishing so even with all my school workload, I do plan to continue being active on here so thank you so much to any of you who continue to read my posts 🙂 Plus, I have some exciting new things I’d like to start by January, so stay tuned for that!




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