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One of the things I have begun to be more aware of is mental health and the importance of a good attitude. People typically think those who are happy and positive all the time is “just who they are;” often times without realizing that it is something they work towards to as well. One of my biggest challenges has been staying positive when everything feels like it’s falling apart. Something I have began to be more open about is my anxiety and how it effects me – it use to be something I was so ashamed to speak about but in my journey to loving myself I have accepted it and have realized that it is something I have, but not who I am.

I have decided this year to write something I am thankful for or a “best thing to happen this week” at the end of every week in my planner. It has only been about a month but it has already made a huge difference in the way I look at my days and my weeks. Often times, especially with school and work, it feels like days drag by and I decided I wouldn’t let those moments interfere with me remembering the good things I have. The beauty about this practice is that even on really tough weeks, something as small as “I’m thankful for my health” or “I’m thankful I have a job” will make a difference in how you view your days. The idea is to continuously think of something positive, which in return allows me to stay calm and carry on – even on those “why did I get out of bed today?” days.

I invite you to perhaps start thinking of this as well. Maybe every night before you sleep, or document it on your phone, planner or journal and see if it helps shift your mind into the positives of your every day life.

Being healthy isn’t just about what you feed yourself when you’re hungry; being healthy is also about feeding your mind and your soul. I understand it isn’t always an easy practice; I have already experienced a tough week myself, and as much as I didn’t feel like talking about it, I realized that once I did I felt better. Again, thinking of a best of the week moment made my mind shift towards the positive instead of dwelling on the things I cannot control. Having someone to give you an extra boost or just listen is nice to have but you can definitely do this on your own too! Remember you’re strong and wonderful and capable of anything.

In addition, sleeping well and having a better attitude truly go hand in hand and the one thing I use almost every single night is the Calm App. My favorites are definitely the meditation features and the bedtimes stories. Something about listening to a story allows your mind to change from thinking about all the things you need to do the next day to staying in the moment and just listening to a story. I have listened to them for about 6 months now and I always fall asleep before I can hear the ending. I have found that I fall asleep quicker this way and I wake up feeling more rested. I enjoy the meditation feature as well because they have different ones such as for beginners, anxiety, sleep, focus, stress, personal growth and the list goes on and on. A lot of what they have you do need to pay for, however, they have many tools you can use for free too!

Lastly, I can’t finish this positive-mind-health post without also mentioning some helpful foods. I have mentioned before how our stomachs are like our second brains and what we feed ourselves definitely connects to how we feel. Cutting down processed foods and artificial sugars is something we hear often but bananas, leafy greens, nuts, turmeric, avocados, dark chocolate, and berries are just a handful of foods that help with anxiety. Almonds, walnuts, hummus, oatmeal, cherries and bananas again help for a better night sleep. Finally, dark chocolate, quinoa, spinach, goji, and water are natural energy boosters. I don’t know about you but I was very happy to see dark chocolate on those lists.

It’s only been a year since I wrote Be Happy and so many of the same things still apply. Only this year I have added the practice of writing things down to keep a positive mindset. I enjoy looking at my own journey and seeing the things I change and the things I continue doing and I hope it gives some of you insight if you need tips or different things to do to keep positive and feel better. Please keep in mind as well my email is posted under Contact and I’d be happy to listen if you need to chat.

Thank you for reading! Please comment below something you’re thankful for or your best of the day/week moment 🙂 I would truly love to read them! Until next time


A very special moment I’ve had so far was finding out my best friend is having a baby boy!



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