I’m Back!


If you’re still following my blog, thank you so much! I wish I had a really legitimate reason for my absence but if I am being truly honest, I have been in a total funk. This entire summer I felt so defeated by the previous semester and I was mentally exhausted. I had moments of self-doubt and moments of “why am I even writing?” I am still not completely out of that, but every day I work just a little harder at picking myself up again and remind myself I am writing because it makes me happy. I am still it the dietetics program and the start of the semester was tough! I knew a lot of my classes would be with culinary students, but never did I see myself actually wearing a chef outfit! But now that I am a bit more settled in the semester and beginning to feel more like myself again, I wanted to start writing.

I promise I will not spend this entire post complaining about my funk and making excuses as to why I haven’t written; I simply choose to keep moving forward and use this as a bit of an update – ya know, like the friends we are that haven’t spoken in a while 🙂

Since March, I have celebrated birthdays, graduations, accomplishments from my loved ones, saw my best friend get married and met her baby, spent time with family and friends and boyfriend, visited new places, spent time in nature, cut my hair, started to get back into the studying rhythm, and began to do yoga at least 3-4 times a week to find my inner peace and learn to live in the now.

Though most of the list seems fun-fine-and dandy, I have also had severe anxiety. Some times it felt like it was for absolutely no reason, other times it was for specific reasons but almost always tagged along with a migraine. I truly feel grateful for my strong support system and hope that the spell wears off completely soon. Most importantly, I need to remember to take care of myself and give myself that time to relax. Self-care is always such an important thing to do.

For food & health: As I mentioned, I am beginning to do yoga more often and that has helped my anxiety and sleep and the better I become at it, the more successful I feel and it does give me a push to keep going stronger than ever on my academics as well. For food – I truly believe that since I have gone forward with more plant-based foods, my relationship with food has grown stronger. I have always loved food, but when I know my food is delicious, nutritious, and without animal ingredients, it makes me feel better and tastes 10x better. I know it’s a personal choice, and my own opinion, but that’s the tea on my food relationship. I’ll soon have my 2 year anniversary since I’ve been meat-free and I’ll share with you all why I don’t call myself a vegan (yet) and why I have decided to go forward with a plant-based lifestyle.

With that, I want to end this by letting you all know again just how much I appreciate the support! I will get back to recipes, an updated skincare routine, and more about the workout routines I have been doing and loving


Until next time,


P.S. Here are some pictures from March to mid September 🙂




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