Dear Ms. Brown,

I am happy to let you know that over the years I continued to have teachers who praised my writing. It was such a creative outlet for me growing up. So much so, I wrote a kids story and my 9th grade teacher wanted to help me publish it! Unfortunately, life took a terrible turn and it caused me to stop wanting to write, even though it probably would have helped me get through those very difficult years. I honestly forgot how much I loved writing and expressing my thoughts. My mom found this note as we were cleaning out our picture box and I teared up realizing I had quit a talent someone believed in. Writing and expressing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions has always come so natural to me. I appreciate you for encouraging me and believing in me. I did go to college and I continue to read good books. I did not major in Journalism- though I did think about it- instead I studied Public Relations. I just graduated and kept thinking, “Now what?  What am I good at?” So now, 13 years later, I will begin to write again and see where it takes me. If you ever happen to come across my blog, thank you so much! Maybe eventually I will have something in print :]

Your student,

Aly (Alicia)

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