Q1: Jan-March 2017

Hello all! I figured it might be nice to do a few updates between posts to fill you all in on some of my favorite healthy habits throughout the year. So here is the first Quarterly update 🙂 Now that I am finally more settled in to my new home I have begun to run more… Continue reading Q1: Jan-March 2017


Biggest Healthy Habit I Disagree With

If there is one thing I disagree with about getting healthier is that you should give up everything you love. Getting healthy isn't about giving up but rather gaining. Gain self-control and eat your favorite snacks on cheat days and in moderation. Gain awareness and search how you can make your own favorites at home… Continue reading Biggest Healthy Habit I Disagree With


Few steps to (more) beautiful skin

Here's a little background on my face- I have combination skin and mild rosacea with the occasional blemish (or two). No blemish is ever welcomed and I definitely get insecure when a little bump sprouts from my pores. My rosacea always seems to get worse in the beginning of summer and winter and makes me… Continue reading Few steps to (more) beautiful skin