Recipe: Meatless Enchiladas

Hi friends! I am so excited to start sharing a few recipes I have learned from one of my nutrition classes - we get to learn and cook healthy meals and so far they have all been delicious! If you're like me and don't eat meat, or if you'd like just a bit of a… Continue reading Recipe: Meatless Enchiladas


Nutritious Foods That Heal: Beauty Edition

Hi friends! These past few weeks have been absolutely crazy with getting the hang of school again so I do apologize for my absence. My goal is to time manage school + work + life and still write on here a few times a month because I definitely miss it! So of course with the… Continue reading Nutritious Foods That Heal: Beauty Edition


Aguas Frescas

Hello friends! One of my favorite things in the summertime is cool (fruit) water, or in Spanish we call it aguas frescas. Though it is a common thing to have year-round, I personally tend to crave them so much more in the summer. My favorite one is watermelon but in Mexico or Mexican restaurants you… Continue reading Aguas Frescas