Tender, Love & Care

Spring, a New Beginning

Hi friends! I have decided to continue my writing on here and have it link up to my podcast, especially since I know WordPress is amazing at auto translating for my international bees; including my family. So if you listened to my podcast yesterday, this is just a repeat in writing.   Today in SoCal… Continue reading Spring, a New Beginning


Blog goes Podcast!

Hi friends! I know I have neglected my blog, but I have some exciting news I wanted to share... I now have a podcast! I figured with school and not being able to write as much as I would like...having a podcast would allow me to continue the conversation on living a happy, healthy life.… Continue reading Blog goes Podcast!

Tender, Love & Care


One of the things I have begun to be more aware of is mental health and the importance of a good attitude. People typically think those who are happy and positive all the time is "just who they are;" often times without realizing that it is something they work towards to as well. One of… Continue reading Gratitude